A few things that differ us from the competitor:

  • On most services there is no contract required, no hidden fees, and no salespeople will ever bang on your door trying to add services.

  • In most instances, you won't be asked to pre-pay for services. We collect after the job is complete and you are happy.

  • We don't attach the words gold, signature or best to up-sell services. Our service plan will include the outside, inside, attic and garage without the up-charge.

  • We know you by name, not an account number.

  • Our services are competitively priced and we won't rush in and out. Services usually take about an hour.

In the past, the homeowner could get chemicals that would last for years. However, due to improper and over-use, several chemicals have been banned.

     Our professional home pest control services will cost about the same as the cart load of chemicals you just bought to be your own bug exterminator.  Plus, after you read all the labels and use the chemicals, you will need to store them safely and out of the reach of children or pets.

     Those of you that were not raised in Texas but have relocated here, welcome ya'll! You will find out that insects are active year round and a pest control service is almost mandatory to stay bug free. From the roaches big enough to saddle and ride around to the bugs with 'pinchers'. The Gulf coast has it all! You will find spiders will build a home under your eaves and porches, silverfish will show up in the bathrooms, and red wasps will chase you down and sting you for no reason. But there is hope! We can solve all of your insect, rodent, and wildlife issues with regular service calls so that the only thing enjoying your homestead is you. Welcome home y'all! - Eric

Why hire an exterminator?

(We're all fully vaccinated too!)

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Greetings from a Texan!

     At Kalson Pest Control our business and home are an investment and we know that you feel the same about yours. We strive to provide our clients with knowledgeable and professional extermination services that exceed your expectations. We founded our company on the philosophy that each persons home or business is unique and that you are the key to our success.

We practice current Covid-19 safety protocols and guidelines