Did you know?

Trying to save money? Bug 'bombs' and over-the-counter sprays will kill a few roaches but the hundreds that are left will be forced to move out from the confined areas to infest the entire home, increasing the extermination price considerably!

What can I expect with a German roach treatment?

  • After the inspection, we will go over what you need to do before our arrival and what to expect after the service.

  • Unless we state otherwise, nothing needs to be removed from the cabinets. We use baits and non-repellant liquids to allow the roaches to eradicate themselves.

  • Within a few hours, dead roaches will be seen and a near complete kill occurs within 2-3 weeks. Some instances will require a second treatment, but that will be discussed during the consultation.

  • The service usually takes about 1-2 hours and you are welcome to stay throughout and after the treatment.

  • Most services will include a warranty.
     We realize that you may have a roach problem, not because you are dirty or filthy but probably because you unknowingly transported the roaches in from other places that you frequent. Infestations are notorious for occurring at home from live roaches or egg sacs being carried in the folds of a paper shopping bag. In some instances there are roaches or roach eggs inside souvenirs brought home from vacation. Once inside your home, they seek out warm, moist conditions to thrive and reproduce in. German roach females continuously lay egg capsules containing 30-40 viable nymphs and about half will be females who will grow and rapidly multiply your problem.

Roaches, ants and other pests

     The German roach, as with any type of roach, carry and spread germs and bacteria throughout your living space. They crawl across your plates, cups, pots, and eating utensils leaving excrement behind. In bathrooms, they eat leftover toothpaste stuck in your toothbrush. In your bedroom they hide out in your nightstands and bed rails waiting for a crumb to fall from that sandwich you just brought to the bed. If you are seeing any signs of roaches you need to call immediately. Seeing one or two roaches in the kitchen or bathroom is usually a sign that there is a future infestation waiting to happen.

     Kalson Pest Control can eliminate and control any roach infestations. We will use proven treatments from baits, dusts, or non-repellents to eradicate your problem. Along with the occasional invader such as the American roach, another major pest issue that can occur inside your home is a the German roach infestation.



     Ants in your home can also be another common problem. Insecticides purchased from retail establishments can offer a quick solution, however within a few days the 'sugar ants' will be back and instead of being just around the sink or coffee maker, they will have spread thorough the entire kitchen, living areas and bathrooms. Ants use pheromone trails to communicate and when those are disturbed or destroyed the colony splits into several smaller colonies in order to survive. Kalson Pest Control will inspect, identify and treat the areas affected with the proper chemical or bait. Tawny/Raspberry/Crazy ants along with Carpenter ants are also a major nuisance pest in our area. We will find the source and eliminate the colony.

Nobody likes to see roaches or ants crawling all over the kitchen counters during the day or when you flip on the light at night!

     Fire ants are another huge problem along the Gulf coast. Individual mound treatments do not work. We will treat the mounds that exist as well as applying a whole yard treatment that will kill foraging ants and prevent any new mounds from appearing. Our treatment shows results in hours, not days or weeks.

Did you know?

If you try doing your own pest control to kill ants beware! By spraying them with an over-the-counter spray, usually you create a bigger problem. While you kill the ones you see, in a week or so, because of 'colony stress' there will be multiple areas where the ants will appear through out your entire home. So instead of treating one area, we will need to treat the entire home!

(We're all fully vaccinated too!)

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