TPCL# 620126

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture and fully insured. All of our products are enviromentally friendly and our application methods are approved and monitored by the TDA and EPA

We're proud to be a part of Kingwood's small business community!

Pest Control Services

We practice current Covid-19 safety protocols and guidelines

(We're all fully vaccinated too!)

What happens, not just the first time, but every time.

  • We find out your observations and concerns the we need to address during our visit.

  • We sweep exterior cobwebs and remove wasp nests from all accessible areas.

  • We use a backpack or rig sprayer to treat the exterior of your home and flowerbeds.

  • Apply a granular band or bait treatment around the exterior of your home to kill and prevent insect invasions. We also apply a dust or liquid treatment to weepholes and any crack or opening in the exterior walls.

  • On the inside we will treat the attic with a granular bait, spray the garage, and treat areas that could contain moisture (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas) and if you would like, we will spray other needed areas.

  • At the end of the service, we will go over what we did and find out if you have any other concerns or questions.

  • Please allow up to 1 hour for an exterior/interior service.